The Violation of Kylie Ireland

Studio: JM Productions
Director: Jim Powers
Cast: Kylie Ireland, Bobbi Starr, Marie McCray, Nicole Ray, Sammi Rhodes, Amber Rayne, Keeani Lei, Heather Starlet, Ami Emerson

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Bitter suburban trophy wife Kylie Ireland starts in on her husband yet again.

“Ever since those lesbians moved in next door my life has been Hell,” she scolds. “Their Proposition 8 banners and whatnot.”

Well, you can see where this is going. When she discovers a “drunk-ass lesbian” (Bobbi Starr) passed out on her lawn after yet another vagitarian bacchanale, Ireland takes matters in her own hands and starts a petition among proper neighborhood ladies to oust them.

Attempting to cut her off at the pass, winsome Heather Starlet comes over to apologize for Starr’s behavior, but Ireland will have none of it. She warns the poor girl of the torments of prison.

“You’re gonna meet some big old bulldyke who’ll make you her own,” Ireland says, and tears up Heather’s Prop 8 petition.

Hearing this, the Lesbians Next Door decide they won’t be persecuted for their Beliefs any longer, and determine to teach Kylie a lesson involving their combined vaginas.

Ireland is subjected to a home invasion the likes of which she has never imagined, and at the hands of Bobbi Starr, Sammi Rhodes (upon whom Ireland plants a believable stage punch), and cruel Amber Rayne.

This is a brutal movie. Rayne turns Ireland all shades of pink and red, and the shouts, slapping, and spitting overwhelm any sense of who is who or where. Only logic suggests that Ireland is at the bottom of the writhing, shouting girlstack.

It’s like this “Violation” is two movies: the extended leadup and preliminary soft scene between Marie McCray and Nicole Ray, and the very harsh and prolonged rape scene that follows. And in a scene like that, everyone needs to be on top of their game or someone will get hurt.

As is the case in most JM movies, the Behind the Scenes featurette reveals that the production was never more than a short hair away from anarchy, and what appears to have been Keeani Lei’s lack of professionalism in the fleshpile atop Ireland sends the latter into a fearsome, naked rage. It’s scary and uncomfortable (and hot) at the same time. It is surprising that Lei returns.

The Violation of Kylie Ireland is a good example of how not everyone is cut out to do BDSM, and that casting is crucial to the success of a BDSM movie. In films like Upload and O: The Power of Submission Ireland is an eager, competent, and dangerous top and bottom. In this movie Ireland was the victim of lax direction and a cast that was not, on the whole, on the same page.

Only in watching the BTS do we really get the full measure of how tough it was to make this movie, but even in the feature Ireland looks hella sore at the end, and is left, spent, on the couch, a la every other Violation movie. Not that the Violation Of movies ever pull punches, but Kylie’s version didn’t need to be so realistic.

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