There is more than a chance that Alex Chance is the girl next door

alex1Alex Chance reminds me of someone, or maybe several people. If I were to see Alex Chance, I’d know it was her, but there’s something about her that makes her seem familiar. Maybe it’s this: Clothes off, delivering a blowjob, licking her own nipples, heels in the air, she’s clearly a porn star; clothes on, walking a dog, shopping at Ralph’s, taking out the trash, getting into a street brawl (I haven’t seen her do any of these things), she just looks like someone you want to see again, but “naked” might not come to mind.

Here is Chance with a chatty, red-faced, appreciative Mark Ashley in “Big Boob Babes.” She has the type of body that, if she were your kindergarten teacher (I just realized she reminds me of my kindergarten teacher), you might consider coloring outside the lines for a while to avoid going to first grade.

She squeezes her boobs together, tosses them this way and that, licks tiny nipples, but looks approachable, like the woman this morning at Peet’s Coffee (I just realized she reminds me of the friendly cashier at Peet’s in my old neighborhood).

Mark Ashley looks like he just came in from a run. He talks to Chance with a voice full of wonder and commentary. I notice this because he maybe talks a sentence more than his counterparts in other movies of this kind, but it just seems like too much. He can’t help himself, though—Chance is squeezing out of whatever you call that black fabric laced thing she’s got on, like what the HR person at my college job wore when we went on that date (don’t get me started).

What I’m saying is that there is room in porn for women who look intriguingly—but not quite wholesomely—non-porny when the heels come off (Raylene fits easily into this category, too).

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