Boxcover of the Week: It’s all in the presentation

Digital Sin’s “Anally Submissive,” with Europornstress Zoey holding open Dulce’s anus the way my cat drops a bird at my feet, should be subtitled “Ya THINK?”

I appreciate that this Czech/Romanian team (I’m just guessing; in fact, I only assume it is Dulce whose anus is being presented to us, because “Dulce” sounds like a more submissive name) are dutifully submitting the goods for our approval, like we’re all down at their quaint village’s Anus Bazaar.

But I gotta inspect what I’m gonna buy, so imagine my surprise when I bent in closer and saw this:

It’s Grimace! The Grimace is in Dulce’s asshole! It leaves us with the unsettling question of the whereabouts of Mayor McCheese.

Buy “Anally Submissive” here

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