Degenerates invited to become pornographers in San Francisco

Good Vibrations has announced its third annual Independent Erotic Film Festival (GVIXFF), in which movies that run the gamut from blushing and tender examinations of sexual awakening to filthy hardcore fistfuckingfests will compete in San Francisco for $1500 in cash and prizes.

The IXFF is “the hottest platform for new “degenerate” art in San Francisco,” said filmmaker Nara Denning and, with a 7-minute limit (which I think is a perfect time for a porn movie or any kind of relationship), the evening is an event of great sexual ferocity.

As with all of San Francisco’s public functions, the IXFF will feature plenty of attendant drag queens, live sex shows, raunchy music, free-flowing alcohol, visiting porn stars, and debauchery.

The IXFF returns to the Castro Theatre on September 23. The deadline for submissions is June 30.

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