Flesh on the Carpet: Kelli McCarty

One of my favorite performances of last year’s vintage of pornography was Kelli McCarty’s in “Faithless.”

Here I talk with the former Miss USA and Disney Channel regular about red carpet etiquette (that’s Nina Hartley in the background, keeping a respectful distance) and Susan Lucci.

McCarty’s new gig is as host of “Celebrity Wine Review,” which is a fucking fantastic idea, and just a little more marketable than porn journalism. It is not lost on me that Vivid, which made “Faithless,” attracts hot winos, as its long-term contract star, Savanna Samson, has her own brand of high-class Manischewitz.

  • I’m not a fan of Cristal or bottle service or anything I can’t dip a Twizzler into, but I might reconsider if the company were McCarty and some Las Vegas Escorts [paid link]
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  1. On her Celeb Wine Review message board, Kelli says she’s been working on a new movie. Can you tell us, is that another Vivid production?

  2. I canot find a “messageboard” on Celeb Wine Review’s website or facebook page, and can’t find a reference to a new movie. Please supply a link. A Vivid rep did not answer my question but ALSO asked for a link. I imagine that this is an attempt to get Ms. McCarty in trouble.

  3. Here it is: http://www.kellimccarty.com/ – you need to click on the ‘chat’ button below the video player and then scroll back to messages posted in early March. To be fair, Kelli doesn’t say that it’s for Vivid; nor that it’s an adult movie. Which is why I asked the question! But here’s hoping it’s both…..

  4. Ms McCarty has learned very well on how to market herself. I love how she set-up the possibility that she did a movie but did not say what, who or when it is released. She then through out a teaser “I’ve been shooting like crazy”. Next she tosses out the comment that she will tell all in one of her upcoming wine shows. What a great hook! Keeps all the perv’s coming back & she gets all those hits on her wine show site. Kelli is wise; & pretty. Winning combination.

  5. Yeah, but I couldn’t be arsed to keep checking back – that’s why I asked Gram the Man. Anywaym the tread seems to have gone from her site and there’s no mention of the wine review there either, so maybe that’s come to and end for her too.

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