One is not enough: Angry sex with Kelli McCarty

Steven St. Croix has the type of sex with Kelli McCarty in Vivid’s Faithless (“a controversial film” – Vivid) that, if the movie were shown in the sort of cinema in which people yell at the screen, an audience would demand to be had with Kelli McCarty: angry, vindictive sex.

Some men – bless their noble hearts – believe that craziness can literally be fucked out of a woman. This is what St. Croix, as Danny, tries doing to trophy wife McCarty, as Callie. Callie has sown such discord that Danny must attempt to fuck her from one room to the next. And she fights him, loving the Crazy inside her more than the sacred vows of trophy marriage.

(I wonder how John McCain’s doing?)

Faithless is the latest in Vivid’s celebrity series, which also includes the Kim Kardashian movie and Stood Up. And if those movies didn’t deliver the goods (though Vivid sales reps say Kardashian sold through the roof, which is a sad truth in our benighted times that very few people re-sell in the daylight the porn movies they bought in secret), Faithless more than makes up for them. It is an excellent movie.

The reason Faithless is in Vivid’s Celeb division is that McCarty is a bona fide mainstream model (she was crowned Miss USA in 1991) and actress, having appeared on the soap Passions for several years as well as the Disney Channel’s Even Stevens, created by her ex-husband, Matt Dearborn, and which launched the career of Shia LaBoeuf.

Even Stevens was set in Sacramento, much like Eight Is Enough. But you never saw Dick Van Patten fucking Betty Buckley across the room (though Buckley often appeared beside fully-frontal performers in the prison drama Oz as well as with a newly-menstruating telekinetic Sissy Spacek in Carrie). That is why Faithless is special.

But McCarty’s character is not the sole cad in the movie, which lives up to its title. Only Daisy Marie as Sarah and Herschel Savage as gimpy sad sack Simon lead lives of virtue.

Regardless of his character’s assholery, St. Croix’s performance in this movie is a proud achievement for his native Maine, where he is ranked third behind Stephen King and Sen. George Mitchell, and just ahead of LL Bean, in the Great Lobster Hall of Augusta.

You should buy this movie, if for no other reason than because McCarty is not going to be appearing on the Disney Channel any time soon.

Read the review of Faithless here.

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