Missy Martinez: How to Make Your LinkedIn Profile Stand Out

Maybe this is business attire in telenovelas, but Missy Martinez can’t expect anyone to get anything done at the office looking like that.

missy9Ass photocopying, they say, is a quick succession of curious sensations: sitting on the cool platen, the sudden heat of the scan, and the traveling light. But how often does it lead to fucking?

Earnest copier repairman Derrick Pierce pulls yet another photocopied ass from the paper path, and confronts office manager Missy Martinez about it.

“And the picture,” he says, with just a hint of mouth breathing. “Was that yours?”

“Last night was a crazy blur,” she says, “but I think that was mine.”

“You’d be surprised how many flabby, cheesy asses I pull out of a copiers,” he says.

“Thank you. I do a lot of yoga.”

Pierce looks around for a moment before saying:

Can I see it?

If you think that the world has gone to hell enough to the point that this might just happen, Pierce also sweetens the pot by saying that if he can grab her ass, he’ll fix the copiers for free.


Then the juicy Martinez proceeds to climb all over him.

Readers, little did I know that such a compelling (and wholesome by porn standards) cover would yield such a believable-in-the-real-world scene.

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