Origin Stories: Natasha Nice

I was interviewing the director Ivan for an upcoming Last Man Working in Porn story when he asked if I’d like to meet Natasha Nice.

Would I?” I said. For a hot minute (until I learned she would be unavailable), Nice was going to play Blair in my epic version of “The Facts of Life XXX.” But I hadn’t met her in person.

“She’ll be right back,” Ivan said. “She forgot her panties.”

When Nice returned, we were introduced and, as is the custom in Bogue Chitto, I asked her if she had brought her panties.

“Yeah,” she said, flashing me so fast I couldn’t get to my camera, thus creating an intimate moment that only we could share, “but I didn’t put them on.”

Nice is adorable, and adorable is nice.

Despite this and other assets revealed later, I found Nice’s eyes particularly compelling. I asked if she were from the Ukraine (because the Ukraine girls really knock me out).

“No,” she said, “I was born in France.”

She talked about a recent scene with Katsuni in which they fucked each other in French.

“I was very nervous about our scene, because Katsuni’s famous,” Nice said, “but then she said that she had seen some of my scenes, and I thought that was very cool.”

“So,” I said, thinking too hard, “did you porn-name yourself after Nice in France and no one figured out how to pronounce it?”

“No,” she said, and proceeded to tell me how she got her porn name.

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  1. I laughed.

    You know, I knew she was from France though, and am a little disappointed to hear her speak in mostly unaccented English.

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