Boxcover of the Week: I Can’t Believe You Sucked A Negro 3

As you know, the Journal of Invented Statistics reported that 97.3 percent of DVD sales came as a result of boxcover photos alone. That is why each boxcover must pack in as much information as possible.

Chatsworth Pictures’ I Can’t Believe You Sucked A Negro 3 tells us several things right off the gat, as it were.

1. Julius Ceazher appears to have the Holy Spirit sanctifying his union with your wife, Lana Violet
2. As if it weren’t enough that your wife is cuckolding you within your field of vision, she is flipping you off. She must be mad.
3. The man she’s cuckolding you with doesn’t care about you one way or the other; he’s just really happy to be there.
4. (2) and (3) underscore the fact that, just like in her relationship with you, your wife is not interested in the sex as much as she is the way it makes someone else feel, and the dude is there for the sex. When you and your now-wife hooked up by cheating on her then-husband, why did you think the same thing wouldn’t happen to you? Fool.
5. Clearly, you are some kind of ventriloquist. Even though she is looking directly at you, your voice is coming from the other side of the room.
6. Really? You can’t believe she did that? Really? After all this? Really?

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  1. What is it with all these weird names for porn movies. As im sure they help sell the dvds, are the producers of these film just calling them anything now,not worried how dumb the titles are.

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