An old-school porn “Open Invitation”: Capturing the elusive swinger

Marc Davis, a gentleman who has worked as a porn performer for two decades, described fucking adjacent to 100 other people doing the same thing in Private’s “An Open Invitation: A Real Swinger’s Party in San Francisco.”

“There is a lot of competition,” he said. “It’s like herding cats, but I do like to control the room.”

“Open Invitation” is both a throwback to the extravagant porn features of yesteryear, what with its admirable script by Andrew Sullivan and superb direction (talk about herding cats) by Ilana Rothman, but in many ways it reflects the new realities of porn economics.

Shot for Spanish company Private, “Open Invitation” used talent and locations familiar to fans of, including the decadently-appointed “Upper Floor” of Kink’s Armory headquarters in San Francisco’s Mission District.

“It was a collaboration in the sense that both companies put their best feet forward,” said Rothman.

With a cast headed by India Summer, James Deen, Marc Davis, and Lorelei Lee (see the review here) as well as “127 swingers” (this number was arrived at when producers counted the number of visible genitalia and divided by four), “Open Invitation” has already surpassed sales for the top-grossing movies of 2009 at Gamelink, the biggest West Coast adult retailer, and is receiving an extra push with parties and panel events in Los Angeles and San Francisco.

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