Do the Right Thing: “Friends Don’t Let Friends Fuck Alone 2”

Studio: Burning Angel
Director: Joanna Angel
Starring: Joanna Angel, James Deen, Andy San Dimas, Bella Vendetta, Draven Star, Holly D, Jessie Lee, Misti Dawn, Skin, Violet Monroe

A few years ago, as the altporn scene girl gradually assimilated into the mainstream porn world, it seemed like alt had crossed itself over and out of a job. But Joanna Angel’s sense of fun and her cast of impish and inked tartlets in “Friends Don’t Let Friends Fuck Alone 2” somehow makes that scene look fresh again, even as Angel herself is no longer sexily awkward like she was back then, but sexily in charge, calling the shots and having fun while she’s doing it.

It’s like Angel runs a porn puppet show or something. She brings these women to her house, introduces a topic of discussion, and then they act it out. Case in point: newly-minted drinking age Violet Monroe suggested in a text message that she wanted either 1.) to be doubly penetrated or 2.) to have a threesome with Joanna Angel on her 21st birthday. Angel has her over and makes both things happen.

“Friends Don’t Let Friends Fuck Alone 2” would make it seem, if it were seen by an alien or the Google-free Chinese, that only women with tattoos and/or pink hair have sex. They would also wonder if James Deen made a deal with the devil to get not only Joanna Angel but also every tatted and phosphorescent vixen who walked into the house.

“Lucky bastard, that James Deen,” the aliens would say.

There is only one scene not featuring Angel or shot in Angel’s house, and that is with Andy San Dimas, who fucks two dudes in a recording studio, thus staying true to the alt mission statement.

“Friends Don’t Let Friends Fuck Alone 2” would still be a good porn movie without Joanna Angel (Andy San Dimas looks great, as do Bella Vendetta, Draven, and Jessie Lee) but it’s Angel who makes it fun, and that’s what sets it apart.

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