Evil Angel Asks: How Do You Solve A Problem Like Alexis Texas?

You know how different directors will take a crack at James Bond (or Shakespeare), different musicians put their spin on “Stagger Lee,” and architects take pride in designing the perfect public library? Well, just imagine what a bunch of porn directors will do when considering the pliant, spongy form of Alexis Texas (Hint: It’s nothing like any of those other things).

alexis24Studio: Evil Angel
Director: John Stagliano et al
Starring: Alexis Texas, Rocco Siffredi, Rocco Reed, Belladonna, Jenny Hendrix, Marco Banderas, James Deen, Tori Black

Not that one’s love for Alexis Texas needs any outside validation, but it’s fun to watch how a handful of Evil Angel directors has fallen in love with the juicy blonde, too. Is she America’s All-Purpose Porn Star?

Now a contract star for the tamer—but no less nice—Adam & Eve, Alexis Texas and her Amazing Ass (as well as her winning personality) were favorites of Evil Angel directors for years, and this 2-disc set catches Texas at her frank best.

What is it about her that’s so All Things To All People? I can’t speak to hip-to-waist ratios or anything like that, but for me Texas is a porn star for the ages because her body is so accommodating and accessible without being too much of any particularly porny thing. Though she is known for her ass (and rightfully so), all Texas’ proportions fit together so pleasingly and are attached to a demeanor that is effortlessly direct yet amicable.

She wanders over to the domme-y side in this compilation, mashing her ass into the faces of Rocco Siffredi and Belladonna, among others, steps on people’s faces, jerks them off violently, and folds her partners up in her self-described “fat pussy.”

That Texas calls it a fat pussy is important. She and I haven’t reached that level in our relationship yet where I would feel comfortable doing so.

Normally compilation DVDs are made without real love, but this one is, dare I say, curated with an eye to what everyone loves about Alexis Texas; she doesn’t just appear in her scenes—she owns them, stars in them, steals them.

“Evil Angels: Alexis Texas” is also good to own because each director’s take on Texas (Stagliano’s is the most worshipful—he can hardly speak) keeps our attention; after all, years of porn consumption tends to desensitize us, but these ten variations on Texas never get boring.

Alexis Texas , Gram Ponante


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