Kirsten Price: All things in moderation

kpavn1Kirsten Price, who is co-hosting the 2010 AVN Awards with Kayden Kross is, among other things, reasonable.

“I don’t get crazy over the holidays,” Price said, “but I’m not just going to sit there and watch everybody else eat my cookies.”

So Price, a Wicked contract performer since 2005 (and Wicked is the only studio which seems to be able to maintain the same roster of contract girls for more than two years) is preparing for AVN the same way she conducts her life: with deliberation and sexiness.

“I’ve got to put together eight looks, plus options,” Price said for her Adult Entertainment Exposition (AEE) ensemble, “plus a ball gown for the AVN Awards red carpet, then a cocktail dress thingie for the second half of the show.

“And I have to double-check with Kaylani (Lei), because we always end up choosing the same thing.”

Price will have one rehearsal for the AVN show with Kross and Dave Attell, who will provide the intentional comedy. She has not seen the script yet and does not know who writes it. “I’ll look it over if it comes before the show, and then I’ll read it off the TelePrompter,” she said.

kpavn3But Price is a veteran of on-camera hosting for Playboy TV. “So I’m going to feel more comfortable in a room of 2200 strangers than 20,” she said.

January’s will be Price’s fifth AVN show, and she has evolved some simple but solid rules for herself and for fans.

“Don’t be so nervous, Guys,” she said. “But don’t be all Grabby Grabby. Just because I have sex for a living doesn’t mean you can grab at me. Maybe your girlfriends can touch me.

And I am always at the booth with a lot of hand sanitizer. I always end up getting sick after the show anyway, but I am worried about H1N1 and want to be extra careful. So everyone, please, wash your hands.”

But isn’t porn about dirtiness and danger?

“I keep that on screen,” she said.

kpavn2The Providence native, who grew up in and around genteel Boston, is a major player in porn because she’s like a reversible snow jacket. She can be a slutty bombshell or an elegant hostess. With a sweatshirt and a hat, Kirsten Price the Porn Star can completely disappear.

“That’s why I’m not on all the time,” she said. “I lay low for a week before the awards. I rest up, get a B12 shot. I eat peanut butter cookies and those cookies from Trader Joe’s with the peppermint filling (Joe Joes). I drink hot chocolate with all kinds of liquor in it and coffee with Bailey’s and Frangelico and vanilla vodka and nothing low-calorie.

But then I pull it back, work out, and get ready for the crowds.”

The 2010 AVN Awards will be held at the “intimate and sexy” Pearl Theatre at the Palms Hotel on January 9.

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