Vivid pursues Chinese wife-swappers

Chinese wife-swappers set to become American porn stars
STUDIO CITY ADJACENT, Calif.——Pornography studio Vivid has offered a $1 million movie contract and a booth at January’s Adult Entertainment Expo to a group of wife-swapping Chinese Communist Party officials whose orgy photos have been leaked to the internet.

“We think ‘5-Way Tale of Two Wangs Long Time Zoom!’ is going to be way better than, say, an Octomom movie,” says Vivid co-founder Steven Hirsch. “There are a billion Chinese, and only one Octomom, so there you go.”

Nearly 100 photos were leaked of a swingers’ romp allegedly organized by Wang Minsheng, secretary of the Communist Party of China in Lujiang County, an inland area 300 miles due east of Shanghai. Minsheng denies the charges, saying the photos were doctored.

But another man, Wang Yu, formerly the deputy secretary of the Youth League Committee of Hefei University, has reportedly admitted to the China Daily that he and his wife are two of the people in the photo series. Both he and his wife have been kicked out of the Communist Party for engaging in “group licentiousness.”

Hirsch imagines a “probing tale of jealousy and regret—possibly directed by Paul Thomas—as the officials’ seemingly-innocuous sex romp destroys their lives and brings down the Communist Party.”

AVN, an adult trade publication, was quick to call the yet-to-be-made movie “Ultimately Strokable.”

Hirsch says he has not heard back from the Chinese officials, but says the contract is just a matter of time.

“We’re not trying to adopt one, we’re just trying to make an erotic adventure with several of them,” he says.

At press time the five Chinese performers are filming “Wang Bang Bus” for Wicked director Brad Armstrong.

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