Finally, A “Foot Prints” That Isn’t That Goddamned Inspirational Poster

“Then why was there only one set of footprints?”

“Because I was fucking you.”


20130806foot_17Studio: Smash Pictures
Director: Mick Blue
Starring: Lea Lexis, Sophia Bella, Chloe Amour, Vanessa Cage, Kendall Karson, James Deen, Manuel Ferrara, Mick Blue

I am not a foot fetishisist but that doesn’t stop me from wanting all porn movies to be more like the feetastic “Foot Prints.”

You can’t teach someone to be into something they’re not (unless, I’m led to believe, that person is in prison), but there is something the Porno Industrial Complex can learn from Mick Blue’s “Foot Prints.”

You know how, when you love someone—temporarily or not—you can’t get enough of them? They are the buffalo to your Navajo. No part of their body is off-limits. In porn we rarely see that, as the business has become so nichified. But in “Foot Prints” the camera pulls out to reveal the entire long-leggedy beauty of the performers, from Playboy model Chloe Amour to Lea Lexis to the juicy Kendall Karson.

And none of them is wearing high heels.

The lack of high heels is worth the download fee alone.

Not knowing about what constitutes a pair of good-looking feet in fetish circles, I can only say that everyone’s are clean, possessed of well-pedicured nails (or is that redundant? Do I say “possessed of a great pedicure”? I don’t know), and amazingly prehensile. Each does a pretty good job of jerking off her partner with her feet, which was impressive.

And, unlike other body part-centric movies that focus on the ass or breasts (for example), “Foot Prints” gives equal time to the whole lady, head to toe.

I think it allows for a greater sense of intimacy between the performers, too, as the rules of the fetish requires a pornstress to do novel things with a part of her body not often asked to do such things.

Not that you asked, but I have never enjoyed such contact with feet, as I might interpret an accidental kick to the groin to have been intentional. But, in terms of overall quality, if other movies could put themselves in “Foot Prints”‘ shoes, I’d be grateful.

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