Rikochan Pumps Up the Clam

Rikochan, a Japanese woman now living in New Jersey, has the biggest clitoris I have ever seen.

Jesus Christ,” I said. “That looks like a tiny penis.”

But God has nothing to do with it.

“I have been pumping it four times a week for the past five years,” she says. “It was always big, but now it’s much bigger.”

On this journey of discovery that is my voyage through the adult industry, I have encountered several different fetishes, including those of the commonplace Medical Sounds and Urolagnia varieties, as well as an intriguing one I have forgotten the name of, which is the fetishization of feeding a woman until she becomes fatter and fatter.

Q. But Grams, that can refer to any woman living within 15 miles of a Wal-Mart or a Krispy Kreme
A. Yes, but enthusiasts of this fetish think it’s sexy and do it on purpose, rather than through laziness

There’s also Reverse Acrotomophilia, which is an invention of sex toy companies wherein molds of the disembodied parts of your favorite porn stars are worshipped. (Strict Acrotomophilia is the sexualization of amputees.)

But Rikochan’s specialty is pumping her clitoris.

“My husband and I spent a lot of time on the NewArt Pumping Forums,” she said. “We were very interested in it.”

“And is pumping primarily about body building?” I asked, utterly confused.

“No, we are into it for doing quality of sex.”

Rikochan met her husband, an American, when he went to Japan for work. He brought her back to America, she said, and she is still learning the language.

Her website, Rikochan Pornstar, is very well written, but her spoken English, which she delivers in a deeper voice than one might imagine is cultivated in the land of Hello Kitty, is still a work in progress.

But bodybuilding figures into it. The briefest amount of research on the clit pumping fetish reveals women who, in addition to packing on muscle, pay particular attention to erectile tissue in nipples and clitorises. And their voices deepen like bodybuilders.

Rikochan gets a certain question a lot.

“Everyone asks me about steroids,” she said.  “I’m not against steroids. I think people should be able to change their bodies however they like. I’m sure if I go further in bodybuilding, more people will assume that’s why my clit is big. Even after the thousands of very out-of-shape big clit pumping pics I’ve posted in the past five years. I don’t mind.”

I never assumed Rikochan was on steroids. She’s way smarter than Manny Ramirez and never dated Sheryl Crow. But her acceptance of the possibility of steroids in a bodymod aesthetic is refreshing.

“I would be very happy to make my clit even bigger with steroids,” she said, “and it would make some fans very happy, too. Unfortunately, steroids are illegal, so that’s all I have to say about them.”

To be clear, clit pumpers, though muscly, are not men. Nor is Rikochan any relation to Kikkoman.

Rikochan got her clit to its astounding size via a graduated series of vacuum pumps.

I asked her what compelled her to make her clit extra-dimensional.

“As I said, when I started my clit was already bigger than regular people,” she said, “but pumping makes your body part really sensitive.”

What is interesting about clit pumping fans is how some are attracted to what they see as the masculinization of women whose nipples and clitorises look like small penises, where others see the enlargement of these feminine moneymakers as extra-feminine.

Rikochan’s own porn preferences skew toward softer women.

“When I was in Japan I didn’t watch porn,” she said. “But after I moved to America I watched Playboy TV and I liked the prettier women, like Tera Patrick and Aria Giovanni. I love the work of Andrew Blake, and I think Justine Joli is beautiful.”

I mentioned that Justine Joli often works at a club right across the Hudson from her and got Rikochan to giggle like an anime character, which was satisfying.

Because the clit pumping fetish seems to me a form of body modification, I wondered if Rikochan also enjoyed Japanese porn staples like tentacle sex, but her tastes in Japanese porn are similar to its American counterpart.

“I like Ryo Hamasaki,” she said. “She has huge pretty boobs. I like the Japanese image of women as cute and pure and sexy.”

While she and her husband (who go by “Krakette” and “Kraka,” respectively, on the NewArt Forums) are gaining popularity in the pumping world, Rikochan is not yet, despite her website’s name, a porn star. But she does sell homemade videos via clips4sale.com, a service popular with DIY amateurs and enterprising pornstars (like Ashley Fires) alike.

From Rikochan’s blog:

I was thrilled when the check came, but it didn’t really, truly, hit me till Friday night, when Kraka and I were having sex. I was riding him cowgirl. I looked down at Kraka, and he had a big grin on his face. “What’s funny?” I said.

“I just realized,” he said, between thrusts. “I’m screwing…a pornstar. Never thought…that would happen.”

I felt the same big grin spread across my face. ”Does it feel..any different?”

“Would it be bad…if I said…yes?”

“I don’t…think so.”

“Then, fuck yeah…tonight it does.”

Rikochan never shows her face, and does not intend to unless she is wearing a wig or a mask.

Of her coworkers, she said, “They cannot know. I want to keep two lives.”

Rikochan wants to work out a little more (“add some muscle”) before she makes her first movie, though her forum fans want her to begin immediately. It is fascinating to watch someone get into porn gradually in 2010, which says a lot about the discipline of the fetish.

“We do things very slowly,” Rikochan said of herself and her husband. “Right now we just want to make enough to get some better cameras for our pictures. Japanese love cameras.”

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  1. So what happens if she stops vacuuming that thing? Does it go back to what it used to be, or is it always going to be that big? Could be an interesting surprise for her next husband if it stays that size.

  2. Because her husband possibly can’t be training like her, and now considers fat people as “shit-eaters.” From the “you are what you eat” derp herp pretentious crap.

  3. Ha, I don’t even understand what these comments mean! I don’t think Kraka thinks non-training people are shit eaters. And I definitely don’t know what “derp herp pretentious crap” means. I like the sound of derp herp, though!

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