“Pretty Tied Up” is hard—and easy—to beat

Watching the sturdy frames of Skylar Price, Trina Michaels, and Lily LaBeau get tossed this way and that in a series of rough but consensual romps is fun because they bruise so prettily but never break.

Studio: Adam & Eve
Director: Derrick Pierce
Starring: Skylar Price, Trina Michaels, Lily Labeau, Derrick Pierce, Kortney Kane, Bridgette B, Isis Love, Christian, James Deen, Mr. Pete

Director Derrick Pierce is a solid, affable, and respected male performer who put together this movie for Adam & Eve, which is simultaneously known for its fetish catalogue (Ernest Greene’s “O” movies as well as all of Nina Hartley’s educational discs) but also for its regimented policy of what can’t be shown (anything that even appears nonconsensual, even in fun).

So Pierce’s job is tough; we know Trina Michaels et al can be roughly handled (and she looks great that way), but let’s not get carried away; we can’t choke her, for example. Pierce must work within the rigid world of fetish, which is further within the rigid world of Adam & Eve’s standards and practices.

We meet Skylar Price, who is full-figured and whose voice is just this side of smoky. She’s beautiful. In her pre-scene interview, she tells Pierce she knows that her safewords are “Mercy” and “Red”—the former to lighten the blows and the latter to stop them. This establishes “Pretty Tied Up” as a movie that fetish purists can grudgingly respect (though they may grouse about the lack of choking) while non-fetishy people might learn something by way of the parade of bondage-aware flesh.

We watch as Price bobs up and down in cowgirl position, her ass red, her hands tied behind her back.

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The most intriguing scene is between Christian, who looks like a larger version of the Mr. Clean-esque Pierce, and Isis Love.

Christian plays a milquetoast who returns from work to find his nubile wife waiting in lingerie. When he refuses to throw her down and take her, she does it to him, fucking herself with his dick. This is a brave choice for a movie aimed at straight audiences, but Love and Christian are pros and pull it off.

I wouldn’t have hesitated to comply with Love’s original request, but I wasn’t asked.

The movie culminates with a strenuous and slap-happy 3-way between Lily LaBeau, James Deen, and Mr. Pete.

LaBeau is lithe, ripe, and pale. She is not traditionally porny, and that makes her just a little more exciting. Plus she bruises easily. By the end of her scene she looks a little like a spent marathon runner that, if she were on the box, would make you want to eat Wheaties again.

This movie was a pleasure to watch because Pierce cast people who could do the job instead of just look the part. I felt the intensity of the scenes without worrying that some poor thing was seriously reevaluating her life choices.

“Pretty Tied Up” delivers exactly what its title promises.

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